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  1. For more info, please contact one of the instructors listed under the instructors page.
  2. The fitness center listed is on the first floor of the old Lourdes building. There are two entrances which are on St. Mary or St. Landry.
  3. A. For the St. Mary entrance, Go straight until you get to the parking garage entry on your left or right.
    1. Taking the left entrance, drive to the second floor of the garage on your left and you will see an elevator ahead
    2. Park and take elevator down to 1st floor. The class is located first door to the left in the hallway you walk into.
  4. For St. Landry entrance,whether you’re coming towards or from St. Mary, turn into the parking garages for the Lourdes building
    1. Go straight past the speed bumps and look directly ahead, you will see white automatic doors in a second parking garage.
    2. Make a left,then turn right and drive to the second floor of the second garage.
    3. You will see an elevator ahead. Park, take the elevator down to the first floor.
    4. The class is the first door on your left.

If these directions are confusing, you can call one of the instructors to assist you!


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